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Discord: trecadactyl1488#5470 Mail: GOG RetroAchievements Epic: 69mhzesent96 Origin: mhzesent Uplay: mhzesent EsentPie#2218 IndieGala: Fargoth Ur ... YouTube | Twitch | [] I maek musick! XMR: 43WGc4SuyPtK9hQT44GdTqiHqDyyZ2YtX3Fvm1cHFngV36ixC9rhnzZGYpDhdwKhPFN5XpDTf88qfAnFdaNQ6SPxTkbAFB1
#92: Golden Sun LP #2: Cutscenes are GREAT. Big ups Liquid Felix. No commentary longplay. #91: The ESOpill pt. 3: Tavern-seeking behavior (feat. Howl) Imagine reading quests. #90: The ESOpill pt. 2: The warm-up (feat. Howl) Imagine waiting for people. #89: The ESOpill pt. 1: Not actually ESO (mostly) and not actually pilling anyone yet lol Imagine not having technical issues. #88: Golden Sun LP #1: Barrel checking segment Fuck, these people POOR. Also 88th video #based No commentary longplay. #87: Everything sucks dood pt. 2 Life sucks, content sucks, KF sucks, AugieRFC sucks, and ESO sucks the most. #86: Everything sucks dood pt. 1 Post-apnea annoyances, mostly. #85: Necrophile Gaming Night pt. 4: Chill bone zone Dat ass tho. #84: Necrophile Gaming Night pt. 3: Did I mention Battlegrounds are gay before? Bonergang hoe, bonergang. #83: Necrophile Gaming Night pt. 2: More emusperging #82: Necrophile Gaming Night pt. 1: RIP and shit And such™. #81: ARCHIVE: I want a footjob (2020/07/06) Playing on Zandronum. Mod: Zombie Horde Audio gets fucked up a lot but whatever. From my old channel. #80: ARCHIVE: Imagine not capping C (2020/07/03) A random Dino D-Day match. From my old channel. #79: ARCHIVE: Evil wayz, pussy (2020/06/29) Playing on Zandronum. Mod: WhatDaFuck A timeless classic. Very infamous in the Doom community ever since the 2000s because apparently even Doomers are easily offended pussy bitches. First two maps; probably should make a full playthrough one day... From my old channel. #78: ARCHIVE: Some random invasion server. (2020/06/28) Playing on Zandronum. I don't know what it is but it's not CDI (duh). I remember playing Invasion UAC but that was in like 2009 so I wouldn't recognize it. Probably just wanted to fuck around on some random servers. From my old channel. #77: ARCHIVE: Actually dumb zimbas (2020/06/12) Playing on Zandronum. Mod: Zombie Horde From my old channel #76: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2020/06/11) Playing on Zandronum. From my old channel #75: ARCHIVE: Oh my God I gotta boom! I'm booomiiiing (2020/06/11) Playing on Zandronum. Mod: BoomPower From my old channel #74: (((Deckard Cain))) and the ancient staff of Jew magic, pt. 2 ESO was down = copiates & Diablo. #73: (((Deckard Cain))) and the ancient staff of Jew magic, pt. 1 ESO was down = copiates & Diablo. #72: (((Deckard Cain))), the last remaining Horadrim ESO was down = copiates & Diablo. #71: too retarded to unbox roccat burst pro ngl feeling great tho HQ on JewTube: OST: #70: Sick + lifted + the website's back <--- this #69: chiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh #68: Sup bitches? Maybe if I played on the PS Quintuple Chad Warden would protect me from crashes smh #67: Starving myself to you-know-what the you-know-who Titan Quest free on Steam btw (Not sponsored by THQ Nordic just saying lol) #66: Quake Champions KILLED my mouse (AGAIN): It's gigacope time! I mean spending money sucks but I guess at least I will have an excuse to do an (((unboxing))) when the THIRD one comes in Plus I've learned some tech nerd ways to fix both of the old ones while doing my research so I guess #educational #65: Night of the strong copes pt. 2 #64: Night of the strong copes pt. 1 #63: Wild Terra Online #3: Thorazine simulator And probably the last part because it's boring as hell lmao #62: Wild Terra Online #2: Homo erectus simulator WE'RE ACTUALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE HOLY SHIEEET DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO JOIN THE (((DISCORD))) :O #61: Trying to find shit to shit on even when you're happy... ...because there must be content for the Content God! #60: Nigger rapping my way through w o k e games to own the libs Keep disliking you fractured ass hoe. Nah for really doe #59: Calling for a free hoe market You lot surely love your capitalism right? #58: Down to the Broke Brain Bunker I go Every Content Creator™ has a video where they sperg and whine about personal shit so there you fucking go bitches #57: All you can taste is salt + Warframe copes (feat. Osmeit) Osmeit: #56: ARCHIVE: On the nature of sunlight (2018) An art film i made once. mostly long shot of sunset on a meadow. VHS camcorder, soundtrack by mhzesent (my primary music alias). Wałbrzych, Poland Those places probably don't exist anymore because muh construction work that we need more Ukrainians to come and fucking finish lol #55: I'm bored and I don't care #54: The Taliban nuked my server lmao And that means Diablo copes (coofs more like. bio weapon joke goes here?) #53: day four 62iq learning processes #52: Wild Terra Online #1: Confusion simulator What the fuck did you just fucking make me play, you little bitches? That's fuckin' wild yo. #51: Bettering yourself through Jesus while libs cope and seethe + fuck DOOM 4 The campaign's okay though. But I don't play Boomer Doom(tm) for the campaign either. #SkulltagRemembrance #50: Testing Bethesda's new QUAKE port: singleplayer Not too shabby. Also found a secret level I didn't know before lol For fuck's sake don't be me and upload 60fps to bitchute though. You see those blocking artifacts? Yeah. Looks like they use the same bitrate for everything and even for 25fps it's a bit shit. But what you gonna do. That's the price of being BASED and REDPILLED I guess! #49: ESO: this is why i only play BGs for the dailies because i just can't stop being a toxic fuck... and too lazy to make a pvp build #48: SPLITGATE Highlights #2: Oasis this gay ass game i swear (((Referral code))): RXQRMC but im not sure if the beta codes work anymore, will check next time #47: On the viability of trying aka the great doompost I can't believe i'm apparently endorsing autism and sadism now. times are rough in fucking deed #46: SPLITGATE Highlights #1: Stadium "Like Halo with portals"? What can possibly go wrong? (((Referral code))): RXQRMC It has a replay function much like Quake and Source Engine games so I might be able to rerecord my replays in 1080p for (((JewTube))) later on as there's no gamer words in here >mfw you rather choose to have the ability to say gamer words than have a watchable resolution #45: 69 reviews Nice. OST: #44: good morning HQ on JewTube: #43: blessing in the skies HQ on JewTube: #42: The internet says I suck so this means I must be fucking awesome right Un-faggots, caffeinated drink/soda/drug opinions (again), Jew money, autistic determination, self-publishing, DSP/KF, Z-tier gameplay and more Join Lizard Gaming on ESO PC EU, idk how do you search for guilds, not mine fyi #41: Quake in VR: when shit got too real (feat. GWCNS) GWCNS: If you're gonna soy out to zoomertech anyway then why not do it with the greatest game of all time HQ on JewTube: #40: Kojima, please Psychonauts intro just because it's so long I went for a smoke and it might be important - - - Yes i know Kojima made Policenauts not Psychonauts that's the joke retard #39: Losing subs to own the libs There is no final solution to the Content Question! #38: Hahaha how the fuck is loneliness real like nigga go jerk off lift some weights Smh ngmi #37: will I still be doing this in 2030? #36: Not every Straight Man is a "woman respecter" and here's why When the world's all about pussy, you gotta be a dick #35: Playing Diablo 2: LoD until the (((cow))) comes home (4/4) Some more D2, aspergolosophy, yawns #34: Playing Diablo 2: LoD until the (((cow))) comes home (3/4) When the desperation hits in. Also new mic hoo dis. Note to myself, never try to upload anything that's more than 2 hours coz that's bugged. Better split the most embarassing part out and publish it separately than spend a day retrying and not publishing anything at all amirite. #33: Playing Diablo 2: Resurrected Beta until the (((cow))) comes home (2/4) Getting CHINA'd in D2R, what a fucking mess. Don't buy this shit fr. Big fucking ups Taiwan, HONK HONK and Tibet (wait is that a thing anymore?) #32: Playing Diablo 2: Resurrected Beta until the (((cow))) comes home (1/4) D2R is a Disaster Remaster™ and I would not have sex with it. #31: Set up your own mail server or kys lmao, keysites, zoophile lib Gearbox fans, truth about game dev Risk of Rain 2, more like risk of cuckoldry haha get it. Idk not feeling like comedianship #30: Keep calm, mine XMR and fuck California Gamers rise up or get cucked lmao #29: Fuck BACK 4 BLOOD but also buy that shit, pussy Yawn. #28: Donate to my dynamite and ammo fund (IN TERRARIA) No I mean literally, actually in Terraria. #fedgaming Non-verbal 'tisms Friday I'm playing some of my old lo-fi beat tapes instead, download these fuckers below: mhzesent - Music Sucks. [2020 remaster] mhzesent - The Escalator Incident (2016) #27: Stop making sense and shitpost yourself to literal death Because it's funny. #26: Fuck niggers, fuck trannies, but most importantly, fuck jannies Toxic video gaming, MailBait, everyone just watching drama shit #25: YAY MODERN GAMING!!! TRIED GIVING MORE OF A SHIT, NOPE STILL FAKE & GAY #24: OK, ZOOMER SKYRIM STILL SUCKS, EVEN IF I GAVE A SHIT #23: ARCHIVE: Exceptional individual unboxing a Steam Controller in 2020 Getting it right after it's discontinued just to be a fucking hipster From my old channel #22: About Sneedacity Fun times we're living in. #21: ain't feel like SHIT but SUCKING DICK + gassing consolefags, KYS fatties, no spec-shaming dickbait lul #20: Hahahaha nigger how the fuck are friendships (with cucks) real Coping, seething and sneeding extra hard to own the libs! #19: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2020/01/28) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #18: Three subs, time to open a fucking TeeSpring lol OwO what the fuck #17: Oh, how the turntables... About apples and oranges & some cray shit #16: You got your people, and you got your dogs. Dogs are loyal and stupid. People are smart and devious. I'll stick with dogs. #15: Ripping on a fag kike I used to know, cucks, niggers, trannies, race vs. ethnicity Anyone ordered tea? #14: Ripping on Null, KF, CWC, a fag kike I used to know, technicalities, drugs, personal stuff Drinking beer, smoking, talking shit. "I dunno". #13: corn still 70kg btw a tribute to a certain fatass #12: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2020/01/31) Playing on Zandronum From my old deleted channel #11: ARCHIVE: Trying Shotgun Frenzy for the second time (2020/01/28) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #10: ARCHIVE: Trying Shotgun Frenzy for the first time (2020/01/28) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #9: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2020/01/08) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #8: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2019/11/21) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #7: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion #2 (2019/11/19) Playing on Zandronum From my old deleted channel #6: ARCHIVE: Complex Doom Invasion (2019/11/19) Playing on Zandronum From my old deleted channel #5: ARCHIVE: Random Doom coop (2019/11/19) Playing on Zandronum From my old channel #4: Addressing (((someone))): the prequel + muh Kiwifarms DDoSed again Random shit because I feel so fucking great and I'm so fucking high lol S/o to having to re-upload it after a 13 hour sleep bc buggy processing mechanics. #3: Commenting on PeePeePee commenting on Cuck Fuentes source: in which PPP makes some good points and some retarded ass points + unpopular opinions + unpopular sperging #2: Encouraging everyone to speak their minds Everyone can make a video, it doesn't matter what it's about. It's not for the views and "content", it's about YOUR VOICE. Talking my motives behind starting making vids and riffing on some gay ass bullshit because hell yes. #1: Alien DC 480p, noise reduction, Kekistan friendly bitrate. For educational purposes etc.