Welcome to mhzesent's Bullshit Archives(tm)!

Yo, im mhzesent and i do some bullshit musics, writings and "arts" and other stuff. Theyre (mostly) available elsewhere but i put them all here too because fuck yeah.
The archives also contain stuff from weblabels/publishing outlets that I co-admined or admined before, an archive of Skull Dungeon netlabel (I got asked to archive all the releases in case our (((enemies))) get the official page shut down), and some stuff I'm working-in-progress on, which might be changed later on (Because its wip lol) that you might wanna snag and brag about having rare leaks 'n shit!

Also there's other stuff. You'll know it when you see it.
IMPORTANT NOTE if some folders/files give a 404, try again later (or email me if the issue persists). such is life.
bookmarking is not guaranteed to work anyway as dir structure can be shuffled around and i cba making redirects, just browse again

steam, esente.muflon@gmail.com
Forgot how to make email links lol

If a site is compatible and fully legible with Lynx, it's good.
Mine has a few bugs... Duh.